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  • 6-in-1 Timer; 3 Functions (One-Shot, Retriggerable, Repeat Cycle) each with 2 modes of operation (On-Off, Off-On).
  • Logic and load flexibility. Compatible with PLCs, sensors, solenoids, contactors and more
  • Complete isolation between line, load, and logic circuits.
  • Compact size. DIN rail or panel mount.
  • LED load and logic indicators.
  • Regent’s 5 Year “No-Questions-Asked” Warranty.

Ideal for:

  • Hot melt glue control
  • Faulty part ejection
  • Conveyor jam control
  • Positioning systems
  • Pump control
  • Life cycle testing
  • Automatic lubrication
  • Vibratory feed

UL Recognized File
number E57361
Our most popular two-dial timer for AC control systems offers excellent repeatability and flexibility. No need to worry about programming—just set it and go!

Three operating modes let you select One-Shot, Retriggerable or Repeat Cycle operation. You can also select ON-OFF-ON or OFF-ON-OFF operation.

The popular Delayed One-Shot mode is used for glue control, parts ejection and positioning systems. Built-in dials or optional remote adjustment makes setting time delays easy.

The solid-state output switch is designed to control industrial loads or logic inputs.





1. One-Shot Operation: Repeat Cycle switch OFF, Retrig switch OFF:

    When timer is triggered by signal on 1,2, reapplying trigger signal has no effect until time intervals T1 (left dial) and T2 (right dial) have been completed.

2. Retriggerable Operation: Repeat Cycle switch OFF, Retrig switch ON:

    If trigger signal is present on 1,2 when interval T2 (right dial) ends, time intervals T1 and T2 will be repeated. When trigger signal is removed, remainder of cycle is completed, then output turns off.

3. Repeat Cycle Operation: Repeat Cycle switch ON, Retrig switch ON:

    Timer cycles from T1 to T2 as long as trigger signal is present on 1,2. When trigger signal is removed, output turns off and cycle stops.

4. Delay OFF/ON:

    With Delay switch OFF, load is ON during T1 (left dial) and OFF during T2 (right dial).
    With Delay switch ON, load is OFF during T1 (left dial) and ON during T2 (right dial).

1. Specify Remote option (‘R’ time adjust feature, see part number builder) if time adjustment potentiometers are to be mounted away from timer.     Remote option can be supplied on both time ranges (T1 and T2) or on one side only.
    Connect remote T1 potentiometer to terminals P1,COM.
    Connect remote T2 potentiometer to terminals P2,COM.

2. Left LED is ON when solid-state output A,B is ON.
    Right LED is ON when initiating signal is present on 1,2.



Line Input (L1,L2)

120 VAC +/- 20%, 50/60 Hz

Logic Input (1,2)

120 VAC, 25 mA burden (will not operate on leakage current below 10 mA)

Load Rating (A,B)



Off-state leakage

On-state voltage drop

Minimum load current

Recommended fuse

120 VAC +/- 20%

2 A continuous; 5 A inrush

less than 2 mA

1 VAC typical at rated current

15 mA

Littelfuse 322002


Time range (minimum time)

(other ranges available. T1 & T2 may be different.)

Repeat accuracy

Calibration accuracy

Minimum initiate time

0.5 sec (25 msec) 10 sec (100 msec) 5 min (3 sec) 2 hrs (72 sec)

1 sec (40 msec) 50 sec (0.5 sec) 20 min (12 sec) 4 hrs ( 144 sec)

5 sec (50 msec) 100 sec (1 sec) 100 min (60 sec)

+/- 0.5% of dial setting

+/- 5% of time range with 1% settability

16 msec


0 to 65C (32 to 149F)

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