Solution Bulletin


                  Repeat Cycle Timers Simplify Life Cycle Testing


A manually adjustable repeat cycle timer is an ideal solution for automated life cycle testing.


In-house life cycle stands often require a dependable means of controlling ON and OFF times for product testing. Solid-state repeat cycle timers are a good choice, and those with easily-adjusted timing are convenient for operators and quality engineers.


An example of a widley used Repeat Cycle Timer is Regent Controls’ TM102. It's features include:


                Ease of operator adjustment.

                   Knobs on the timer provide for easy, independent adjustment of ON and OFF times.


                No programming is required.

                   Timing is independent of any PLC or computer.


                Time ranges from less than 1 second to 4 hours are available.


                Models are available for 120VAC and 24VDC loads.









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